Dallas’s story

I didn’t realise that art therapy is actually quite in-depth psychotherapy. You create images using any kind of media – pictures or clay – and use it to reflect on what it means to you in words, memories or images. This finally gave me a way to vocalise what was inside.

Holly’s story

With the support that Cavendish have given me, I now feel like I can give some more support out myself. I’m going to come across loss, grief and bereavement. Now I’ve seen both sides to grief and I can use my experience to help others.

Kurt’s story

I think everyone will know someone who has either suffered from cancer or sadly has cancer themselves, and sometimes its not the cancer that knocks the stuffing out of you but the emotional battle that comes with such a challenging illness. Myself and Toni owe our sanity to one place which has really made a difference that is the Cavendish Centre.

Louise’s story

The thing about talking to Cavendish is that it gives you a chance to talk about the embarrassing cancers – bowel, bladder and prostate – you can talk about the nitty gritty you don’t want to talk about it with people you know. That’s a big relief.

Margaret’s story

Cavendish helped me realise it’s not always about being strong you have to open up. I’m profoundly grateful to them.

Nick’s story

I never used to notice the weather or the trees. But now I get up in the morning and think to myself, “Welcome to another day on planet earth”.

Peter’s Story

The transformation in me since starting my treatment at the Cavendish has been amazing. I feel so much better – I’m sleeping well, I’m less anxious, I’ve got more energy, more enthusiasm, and more confidence.