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    Welcome to the

    Cancer Information Hub

    Here you will find useful information and links to resources from regional and national organisations, who have expertise in the support and information provision for cancer patients and their families. Our goal is to provide a one-stop shop where you can find links and resources to support you on your cancer journey.

    Although every effort is made all the information is current, the partner organisation is responsible for the content of their own website.

    Get support from Cavendish Cancer Care

    Talking to someone about Cancer

    Maybe you have just had a diagnosis or are about to discuss treatment options, or perhaps you are supporting someone affected by Cancer if you need to talk to someone now please follow the links opposite.

    If your need is not immediate, below you will find resources that offer information and advice on many types of cancer, their effects and treatments. Plus links to regional and national specialist support organisations that are here for you.

    Macmillan offers an A -Z of cancers with support and advice specific for each one.

    A to Z of Cancer from Macmillan UK

    Signs and Symptoms

    If you are concerned about anything that you may feel is unusual or different, it is important that you make an appointment with your GP to get it checked out. If is helpful to make a note in advance of what you wish to speak to them about to ensure you don’t forget to mention anything that may be relevant.


    NHS - Signs & Symptoms of Cancer

    Worried about cancer signs and symptoms?

    Macmillan Cancer Support can help

    Signs and Symptoms of Cancer

    Information from Cancer Research UK

    Advice for professionals and public

    on the signs and symptoms of cancer from N.I.C.E.

    Advice for teens and young adults worried about cancer

    from Teens and Young Adults with Cancer

    Specialist Lung Cancer infomation

    from Cancer Research UK

    Telephone helpline for Lung Cancer

    Mon- Fri 9-5, Sat 9-4

    Understanding Breast Cancer

    Resources from Macmillan UK

    Living with Breast Cancer

    Resources from Cancer Research UK

    Breast Cancer Screening

    NHS Breast Cancer video and info

    Breast Cancer Now

    Support and advice

    Prostate Cancer

    Am I at Risk ?

    Black Men and Prostate Cancer

    Are you at risk ?

    Just diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

    Help and support from Prostate Cancer UK

    Skin Cancer Resources

    from Cancer Research UK

    Advice on checking your skin

    from the British Skin Foundation

    Sheffield Cancer Information

    We are proud to be based in Sheffield and have used the experience gained from running the face to face Sheffield Cancer Information Hub, funded by Sheffield CCG’s  Living with and Beyond Cancer Programme, to inform the links on this page as these are main organisations that we signpost people to.

    These organisations have trained and experienced staff to offer you support and advice on a range of subjects, offering practical, financial, emotional and physical support. We also have a wealth of connections to the cancer support landscape in South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire. Even if you are not based in this area they may still be able to guide, support or signpost to similar services near you.



    More support and advice


    Cancer screening involves testing apparently healthy people for signs of the disease.
    It can save lives by finding cancers at an early stage, or even preventing them. Screening is not the same as the tests a person may have when doctors are diagnosing or treating cancer. Most screening is booked via your GP, if you have concerns you should contact them in the first instance.

    A comprehensive guide from Cancer Research UK

    Bowel Cancer screening

    getting yours done

    Cervical smear tests

    information from Jo's Trust

    Breast Cancer screening

    advice from the NHS

    HPV jab preventing cervical and penile cancer

    who should have the HPV jab


    Support and information for LGBT+ people with cancer

    Supporting LGBT+ people with cancer a guide from Macmillan

    Expert organisations offering support

    to trans men and/or non-binary people

    Gay, Bisexual, MSM support forum

    From Prostate Cancer UK

    Introduction to male cancers

    from the LGBT Foundation

    Emotional support for carers

    from Macmillan UK

    Support for carers

    from Marie Curie

    Caring for the carer at end of life

    advice from Cancer Research UK

    Advice on how to talk about Cancer

    from Macmillan UK