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  • Cavendish Wellbeing

    Working with you to support the positive wellbeing of your team and the local community.

    Our purpose as the Wellbeing Partner for your organisation

    We help organisations like yours take a proactive approach to supporting their teams.

    We focus on long term positive wellbeing, communication and individuality with no judgement.

    For over 30 years we have been helping people across South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. We are now using this knowledge to provide training sessions, online platforms, focus talks and bespoke wellbeing services.

    Our objectives include:

    • Improvement in employee engagement and satisfaction in the local area with a huge impact on ROI
    • Increased therapeutic care available to the local community with proceeds supporting our cancer care activities.

    See below for more information or contact Chloe to talk through best options for you and your team.


    We’re working to make our community a happy and healthy place to work.

    Will you join us?


    Meet the Team

    Chloe Angus

    Chloe is Corporate Wellbeing Manager looking after Cavendish Wellbeing, creating and delivering content and managing partnerships with local businesses.

    Chloe is a coach and trainer with a passion for wellbeing and looking after self and others, having experienced her own challenges with mental health and burnout.

    One of Chloe’s happy places is talking to people about supporting their health, wellbeing and self esteem.

    Another is out hiking with her rescue dog Bella, and she is currently planning plenty of trips this year from the Ethels of the Peak District to the Wainwrights of the Lakes and the Yorkshire Peaks.

    Get in touch with Chloe here

    Charley Whitehead

    Charley joined the fundraising team at Cavendish Wellbeing team in 2024 having previously graduated from the University of Sheffield with a degree in Politics and International Relations. She is now embarking on a new journey as a Sales and Marketing Executive, playing an important part in the educational arm of Cavendish Cancer Care and income generation for the charity. Charley’s aim in her career at Cavendish is to channel her passions and dedication into making a meaningful impact, and help people and organisations improve their wellbeing.

    In her spare time Charley enjoys maintaining a healthy lifestyle, where cooking, reading and playing netball are three of her favourite activities.

    Helen Ruckledge

    Helen is a qualified Nutritionist, registered with the Association for Nutrition. Having been diagnosed with breast cancer aged 42, when her four children were at primary school, she is passionate about the importance of nutrition.

    Helen is proud to offer trusted, professional advice on a range of issues that are important after a cancer diagnosis. All her dietary advice is rigorously based on scientific evidence, not fads, trends or gimmicks, and is in line with mainstream recommendations from the NHS and the World Cancer Research Fund.

    Managing a busy family, Helen understands the dietary issues facing everyone with busy and demanding lives. She strives to inspire people to make dietary changes, by offering practical and realistic nutritional solutions which fit into real life.

    “Working with a local charity like Cavendish allows us to give back to our community, but also plays a crucial role to our staff through initiatives like the corporate wellbeing sessions. Our team has gained invaluable insights and skills for personal and professional growth, strengthening our commitment to our employees and the community.”

    Andrew Morley, Secure Power


    Let’s Talk Mental Health First Aid

    Build your wellbeing team with our accredited Mental Health First Aid England training courses.

    With 1 in 4 people in the UK experiencing a mental illness each year, employers are actively encouraged to have mental health first aiders in place.

    Mental Health First Aiders in your workplace helps:

    • Raise awareness of mental illness
    • Encourage early intervention
    • Reduce stigma

    Our instructor Julie can provide the below MHFA England accredited training courses:

    • 2 Day Mental Health First Aider
    • 1 Day Mental Health Champion
    • ½ Day Mental Health Awareness
    • ½ Day Mental Health Refresher

    Training can be delivered in person or online with group discounts available for private sessions.

    To discuss best options for you and your team:

    Please email Chloe on c.angus@cavcare.org.uk

    Check out Mental Health First Aid Options

    Let’s Talk

    Engage your team with specific wellbeing topics, ideal to supplement or kick off your wellbeing strategy.

    45mins in person talks focusing on a particular challenge for your team with plenty of interaction and tips to take away. These can be a great way to introduce wellbeing for all members of your team or supplement wellbeing culture.

    We can deliver interactive workshops on:

    • Improving Sleep
    • Understanding and Managing Stress
    • Burnout: Spotting & Reducing Risk
    • Everyday Mindfulness
    • Morning Routine
    • 5 Ways to Wellbeing
    • The Wellbeing Wheel
    • Eating Well on a budget
    • Building and Breaking Habits
    • Improving Health and Productivity with Food
    • Reducing Cancer Risk with Food

    To discuss best options for you and your team:

    Please email Chloe on c.angus@cavcare.org.uk

    Let’s Talk Menopause

    Menopausal women is the largest growing demographic in the workplace. 3 in 5 feel their symptoms have a negative impact on their work, with 1 in 4 considering leaving their jobs.

    We offer a range of talks on Menopause to support your team:

    • Menopause Awareness : Supporting Yourself
    • Menopause Awareness: Supporting Others
    • Menopause & Nutrition: Predicting future health risks
    • Menopause & Nutrition: Managing Symptoms

    These talks will provide you with knowledge and techniques along with space for reflection and conversation.

    To discuss best options for you and your team:

    Please email Chloe on c.angus@cavcare.org.uk

    Book a call to discuss options

    Let’s Talk About Personal Access

    accessible bespoke content and branding to further resonate with your team with our online wellbeing platform subscription.

    Perfect for giving your team a personal approach, regardless of their location and shift patterns. Your online platform could include:

    • All current Let’s Talk About training sessions pre-recorded in short videos (10mins or less)
    • Bespoke content responding to the challenges and interests of your team
    • Lots of downloadable resources to support positive habit building
    • Signposting to the benefits and support at your company
    • Feedback forms and reporting to continually improve the service

    To discuss best options for you and your team:

    Please email Chloe on c.angus@cavcare.org.uk

    Why not check out our demo platform here?

    Let’s Talk Grief

    We all experience loss in our lives.

    But we are not taught how to manage loss and it’s related emotions.

    We are also not taught that we all experience grief differently, making us wonder; am I going through this alone? Do others feel this way? Is this normal?

    In this 2 hour workshop we will offer knowledge and tips to compassionately support self and others through grief covering:

    • How our brain responds to grief
    • Exploring grief models and the concepts of time and personal experience
    • The phases of grieving and how this could impact

    To book this sessions for your team

    Please email Chloe on c.angus@cavcare.org.uk

    “We’re really pleased to have partnered with Cavendish Wellbeing. Colleague health, safety and wellbeing is our number one priority. This platform provides an easily accessible resource for everyone”. David Stead, H&S manager, GB Breedon Cement

    Let’s Give it a Try

    Bringing in a fun and social element while practicing wellbeing activities, these interactive group sessions could be a great introduction to positive health for your team

    Often the best way to promote wellbeing within your team is with a guided session to try out the skills themselves. Which of these options will work for your team:

    • Chair Yoga – simple stretches while in your chair with great health benefits. Easy to repeat while at your desk
    • Laughter Yoga – promoting fun, endorphin release and improved connections with colleagues while stretching
    • Mindful Breathing – helping to bring calm, reduce worries and bring clarity with easy exercises to bring into daily life
    • Guided Relaxation /Yoga Nidra / Non Sleep Deep Rest – reduce symptoms of stress and encourage improved rest
    • Relaxation Techniques – simple mindful techniques to help reduce and manage stress

    To organise a call to discuss further please email Chloe on c.angus@cavcare.org.uk

    Let’s Talk about You

    A key value at Cavendish is taking science based knowledge and delivering it in a human way.

    We understand that every organisation is unique and every team, and individual, is at a different stage in their wellbeing awareness.

    We would love to work with you to offer a more bespoke option to best resonate with your team.

    Whether tailoring one of our existing courses to offer a personal touch or creating a completely bespoke session based on our wellbeing expertise and your knowledge of your organisation.

    We also recognise that accessibility is key. Not everyone can attend a live session. Not everyone has capacity for 90minutes away from their desks. We have solutions to suit your team.

    We’d love to discuss your current challenges and how we can work together to support your team’s wellbeing.

    To organise a call to discuss further please email Chloe on c.angus@cavcare.org.uk