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    At Cavendish Cancer Care we support local people who are living with cancer. We give them and their families the chance to talk in confidence and offer complementary therapies to help alleviate both the emotional strain of cancer, and the physical side effects of the illness and its treatment.

    We’re an independent Sheffield charity and since 1991, we’ve been helping people across South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

    We’re just a phone call away on 0114 278 4600. We are a self-referral service, so you don’t need to be referred by a healthcare professional. We’ll aim to see you within 5 working days of you making contact with us.

    What we do

    We work alongside the NHS, offering professional counselling and therapy that complements and supports medical treatment. Our team of skilled counsellors and therapists specialise in supporting those with cancer. The services we offer are 100% free of charge and are tailored to each individual’s needs. We provide a place where people can share feelings and thoughts without guilt or the fear of upsetting anyone. We’ll listen to the things people can’t always say to their loved ones, with no judgement.

    We are a charity, and rely on the generosity of the public to keep our doors open. This includes donations and fundraising from supporters and former clients, and the hard work of our amazing volunteers.

    Our vision, mission and values

    Model of Care

    Cavendish Cancer Care believes that people affected by cancer have unique needs that cannot always be fully addressed by their health care providers and social support networks. We offer a safe space for people to talk, and someone to help them deal with the way cancer has affected them and their life. We strive to support you as an individual, seeing the person, not the illness.

    We support people:

    • With a cancer diagnosis/going through treatment.
    • In remission / survivors.
    • With a loved one facing cancer (such as a parent, child, or partner.)
    • Who are caring for someone with cancer.
    • Who have been bereaved by cancer.

    We will work with you and help you to adjust to cancer, improve your emotional well-being, and enrich your life.

    Our therapies

    Find out more about the different therapies on offer at Cavendish.

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    Cancer buddies

    If you or someone you love has been affected by cancer, we can pair you with a trained volunteer who has been in a similar situation.

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    Online groups and classes

    We run a range of online groups and classes, including chair yoga, nutrition sessions and relaxation classes.

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    Who else we help

    Whilst the focus of our activities will always be in providing support to cancer patients and their families, we have been approached in recent years to provide a tailored service to patients with other long term conditions.

    Other services

    Our background

    Cavendish Cancer Care developed from the work of David Simons, a Sheffield dentist specialising in hypnosis in the management of patients’ pain, anxiety and fears. Medical colleagues would refer patients suffering from a wide range of problems, and through the 1980s, he noted that an increasing number of these patients were suffering from the effects of cancer.

    Through his work David became aware of the many different concerns that could accompany a patient’s illness, the lack of safe, qualified and experienced support then available, and the importance of working in partnership with mainstream cancer care providers. These, and other lessons, were instrumental in his decision to set up the Centre.

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    Young People’s Service

    Our Young People’s Service offers specialist support to children and young people up to the age of 18, whose lives have been affected by cancer. This includes those who have had cancer themselves, as well as those who have been affected by the illness within the family. The service also works with young people who are bereaved.

    As well as offering one-to-one sessions to young people, our Therapists offer advice and support to parents and carers who are looking for guidance in supporting young people affected by a diagnosis, and in managing change in the family.

    Gabriel (right) lost his mum to cancer at the age of 15. “Cavendish changed my life,” he said, “it put me on a safe stable platform, and it’s accessible to anybody who needs it.”

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    Carly's Story

    Carly used her sessions at Cavendish to keep her energy levels up as she went through chemotherapy.

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    Michael's Story

    When Michael was diagnosed with prostate cancer, Cavendish helped him manage feelings of depression and communicate with his family.

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    Helen's Story

    After losing her dad at the age of 10, Helen came to Cavendish for counselling with the Young People's Service.

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    Group Seminars: For Healthcare Professionals

    These are multi-disciplinary group meetings, held at the Centre and provide an overview of the work of the Centre, the patient pathway and our model of care. The meetings are for anyone who would like to see the Centre and gain more information about our work. This includes all NHS staff members and other professionals within the community, with an interest in, or who are currently working in areas of cancer care and/or complementary therapies. They are run by our Assessors at the Centre, all of whom have considerable experience in cancer care. The seminar fee is £6 for which you will receive a certificate of attendance, supporting information pack and a receipt will be given.

    For further information or to reserve a place, please contact us on 0114 278 4600 or email enquiries@cavcare.org.uk.

    Why we need to fundraise

    We are proud to work in an integrated way with our NHS partners to help support patients and their families, but we are not an NHS organisation. We are a local, independent charity, largely reliant on fundraising and donations to keep our doors open.

    We receive a small contribution each year from the NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group in recognition of the role we play in supporting patients diagnosed with cancer in the region – currently less than 4 per cent of the income we need. We also receive support from local charitable organisations such as those linked with the hospitals, for example Sheffield Hospitals Charity and Weston Park Cancer Charity. This support is used where we provide outreach services and community based projects.

    This means we need to find at least £750,000 each year through other sources to keep the charity going, providing support for those who are affected by cancer each year as we do now.

    View our latest impact report