I am looking for help

At Cavendish Cancer Care we support local people who are living with cancer. We give them and their families the chance to talk in confidence and offer complementary therapies to support their recovery. We’re a Sheffield charity and since 1991, we’ve been helping people across South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

We listen to the things people can’t always say to their loved ones

  • We provide a place where people can share feelings and thoughts without guilt or the fear of upsetting anyone
  • We help people feel more in control, more confident and more able to cope

We work alongside the NHS and offer professional counselling and therapy

  • Our team of skilled counsellors and complementary therapists specialise in supporting those with cancer
  • We also offer practical advice to help people keep on top of things

Our services are provided free charge

  • We rely on the donations from supporters and the generosity of former clients
  • Our team is supported by many active volunteers

We’re here to listen, offer therapy and practical support. And we’re just a phone call away on 0114 278 4600