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  • Wellbeing Focus Talks

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    Focus Talks

    Our focus talks have been created with the intention of opening communication about wellbeing and encouraging everyone to take an interest in proactive personal care, no matter where they are right now.

    We deliver expert knowledge and provide tips, but most importantly with some gentle coaching we support your people to reflect on their everyday habits and share with colleagues.

    Talking about wellbeing

    • Helps to work better as a team
    • Creates feelings of belonging and psychological safety
    • Encourages a supportive culture for all


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    Why pick our focus talks?

    We understand time is scarce in business – they’re just 45minutes

    We coach for reflection and long term change – packed with tips and expertise too

    They make your wellbeing strategy simple – regular focus talks covering the topics that matter most to your team

    Costs are sustainable. We charge per session, not per person. They also fund up to 20 hours of therapy at Cavendish Cancer Care

    Talk options:

    Talks are 45minutes each and can be delivered in person or virtually.

    Price is per session (not per person) @ £575

    • Improving Sleep: sleep stress, sleep talk, routines & sleep windows, and relaxing techniques
    • Understanding and Managing Stress: Stress response, stress on a scale, your stress bucket and management techniques
    • Burnout: Spotting & Reducing Risk: stages of burnout, signs to look out for, reduce the risk and support others
    • Everyday Mindfulness: Understanding mindfulness, informal mindfulness for everyday, mindful techniques
    • Building & Breaking Habits: the impact of habits, science behind habits and a framework to build habits that stick
    • 5 Ways to Wellbeing: What wellbeing means to you, 5 ways to Wellbeing, your personal toolkit
    • Morning Routine: The power of routine, build motivation and mood.
    • Self Care Your Way: Understanding self care, Building your self care and triggers list, Self care tips
    • Financial Wellbeing: budgeting, saving & emergency funds, protection and retirement planning
    Nutrition focus talks include:
    • Eating Well on a Budget
    • Food and Mood
    • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
    • Sugar Rollercoaster
    • Reducing Cancer Risk with Food
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