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  • Guided Sessions

    Give wellbeing a try together

    Let’s Give it a Try

    Our interactive sessions give your team an insight into how to practice wellbeing.

    Our therapist will introduce participants to techniques they can use at home and at work time and time again to build wellbeing habits.

    How does this help your organisation?

    • Mindful activities improve focus and productivity
    • Learning skills together boosts relationships
    • Offering wellbeing options regularly shows a commitment to your team (present and future)

    What will you try?

    Book a call to discuss options

    Why book with us?


    It’s fun

    (with some local Yorkshire humour),

    We’re experts

    (with over 30years experience),

    We make a difference together

    (this funds therapy hours at Cavendish Cancer Care)

    Our Guided Options

    Each session is 45minutes long introducing you to the basic elements of your chosen wellbeing activity.

    Our pricing is £500 per session for multiple participants.

    Chair Yoga

    • Simple stretches while in your chair with great health benefits.
    • Easy to repeat while at your desk.

    Laughter Yoga

    • Promoting fun, endorphin release and improved connections with colleagues.
    • Health benefits from laughter & stretching

    Mindful Breathing

    • Helps to bring calm, reduce worries and bring clarity
    • Easy to introduce into daily life.

    Guided Relaxation /Yoga Nidra / Non Sleep Deep Rest

    • Reduce symptoms of stress and encourage improved rest
    • Simple to repeat at home
    Email to book