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    At Cavendish Cancer Care we need to store and process personal data (information about you as an individual) to support the smooth running of the charity and ensure that we can continue to provide our vital services. This document explains what types of personal data we collect, what we do with that information, who has access to it and your rights as a data subject (someone whose data we hold).

    If you are a member of Cavendish Cancer Care staff (salaried or self-employed) there is a different privacy notice which is more relevant to you. You will be presented with a copy of this notice whenever it is updated or you can request one at any time by emailing hr@cavcare.org.uk.

    What information do we collect?

    We collect personal information about different groups of people, including:

    • Clients (people we support)
    • Volunteers
    • Job applicants and potential volunteers
    • Existing and potential supporters and donors

    If you fit one or more of these categories we may hold a range of personal data, including some or all of the following:

    • Your name, address and contact details, including email address and telephone number, social media profiles, date of birth and gender
    • Photographs and videos of you
    • Equal opportunities monitoring information, including information about your ethnic origin, sexual orientation, health and religion or belief
    • Details of your qualifications, skills, experience and employment history
    • Results of Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) checks including information about your criminal record
    • Information about your medical history, including whether or not you have a disability for which the organisation needs to make reasonable adjustments
    • Information about the support provided to you by Cavendish Cancer Care
    • Information and feedback you provide during or after your course of support, including any problems you were experiencing, your reasons for seeking our help and the difference it has made
    • Records of any communication between you and members of the Cavendish Cancer Care team
    • Gift Aid declarations
    • Information about any donations or support you have given to other charities and your ability to support Cavendish Cancer Care in future
    • Information about any donations, fundraising or other support you have provided to Cavendish Cancer Care
    • Information about your relationships with other Cavendish Cancer Care staff, volunteers, clients and supporters

    How do we collect personal data?

    The organisation will collect information about you in a variety of ways, including:

    • Directly from you
    • Through desk-based research using publicly-available and accessible sources
    • From other people and organisations which have pre-existing relationships with both you and Cavendish Cancer Care
    • With your permission from other people and organisations e.g. for the purpose of gathering references or performing DBS checks

    What do we do with your data?

    Depending on your relationship with Cavendish Cancer Care we may use your personal data for some or all of the following purposes:

    • Sending you news about our services, volunteering opportunities and ways to support us, including through fundraising, one-off and regular donations
    • Sharing information about the service we are providing with your GP and healthcare specialists
    • Gathering references and performing DBS checks
    • Analysing philanthropic indicators of businesses or individuals, such as previous charity donations or support, to help prioritise our fundraising efforts to effectively use our resources and staff time
    • Analysing philanthropic indicators and other information for due diligence purposes to ensure that if a donation is pledged, asked for or accepted there is no ethical, reputational or organisational risk to Cavendish Cancer Care
    • Analysing and reporting the impact of our services e.g. in our annual report
    • Promoting Cavendish Cancer Care services, volunteering and fundraising opportunities in print, online and through the media
    • Accounting and financial monitoring
    • Processing Gift Aid claims
    • Analysing the support and donations we receive to help us to better target our marketing and as part of developing our plans and strategies

    In some cases we are required to store and process your personal data. In particular we have a legal obligation to keep information relating to any donations you have made or fundraising you have undertaken, and to store the results of DBS checks for anyone who is or might be working with vulnerable children or adults. If you are a Cavendish Cancer Care client we must have certain information about your medical history and any current treatment in order to be able to safely provide you with support.

    In other cases we will ask your consent to store and process your personal information. In particular we will always ask for your consent before sharing anything publicly (e.g. through our website or the local press) which both identifies you by name and reveals sensitive information about your medical history or the support you have received from Cavendish Cancer Care.

    Where neither of these options applies we are storing and processing your data based on a Legitimate Interest as described in the General Data Protection Regulation. Your personal data allows us to:

    • Plan for the future and ensure we have the staffing and financial capacity to meet the demand for our services
    • Continue improving our services so that we always offer the best possible support
    • Effectively promote Cavendish Cancer Care to ensure that as many local people as possible can benefit from our support
    • Encourage more people and businesses to support Cavendish Cancer Care and allow us to grow and be there for more local families
    • Improve the experience of supporting Cavendish Cancer Care and ensure that you always know where your money is going
    • Protect our organisation against ethical, reputational and organisational risk

    Some of the information we hold (e.g. information about your religion or sexuality) is considered to be ‘special category data’ under the General Data Protection Regulation. We will only collect and process this information with your specific consent, if we have a legal obligation to do so or if it is necessary to allow us to support you safely.

    We will keep your data for only as long as we have a legal obligation, your consent or a Legitimate Interest to do so.

    Who has access to your data?

    Your personal information may be stored electronically and/or on paper. In either case access to this data will be restricted to only those Cavendish staff members and volunteers who need it in order to effectively carry out their role.

    Occasionally we may need to share your data with organisations which provide services to Cavendish Cancer Care, such as IT or database maintenance, or with organisations we work with to deliver our own services. We will always share as little data as possible and require them to commit, in writing, to maintain the confidentiality of your information, and to take the same level of care to protect and secure it which we would take ourselves.

    We may also share your data with other external people and organisations, for instance to obtain references, carry out DBS checks. We will do so only if we are legally obliged to or with your specific consent.

    Your rights

    As a data subject, you have a number of rights. You can:

    • Access and obtain a copy of your data
    • Require us to transfer your data to another organisation
    • Require us to change incorrect or incomplete data
    • Require us to delete or stop processing your data, for example where the data is no longer necessary for the purposes of processing
    • Object to the processing of your data where we are relying on our legitimate interests as the legal basis for processing

    You can exercise these rights by calling 0114 278 4600, emailing hello@cavcare.org.uk or writing to us at 34 Wilkinson Street, Sheffield S10 2GB. You can also use these contact details to update or withdraw any consent to data storage and processing which you have previously given us.

    If you are not happy with our response, you can complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

    Data Controller: Cavendish Cancer Care, Tim Pryor Centre, 34 Wilkinson Street, Sheffield S10 2GB

    Last Updated: June 2023