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  • Monthly Giving

    Be a GEM and set up a regular donation to Cavendish Cancer Care

    Cavendish GEMs is our monthly giving scheme and it’s a great way to easily support Cavendish Cancer Care.

    By becoming a GEM you’ll be helping to fund therapy and support work with more clients and, importantly, ensuring our services remain free of charge to everyone.

    GEM means ‘Give Every Month’ and by doing just that you can help us to better plan our income and expenditure so we can continue to deliver consistently great service to those who need it. You’ll also be helping us to grow!

    Even a small amount can make a big difference. So go on, be a GEM and set up a regular monthly donation to Cavendish Cancer Care today.

    You can set up a regular donation using our Just Giving page (see link above), or you can set up a standing order using our printable form above. Contact us if you’d like us to post you a standing order form.



    Infographic GEMS