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    Support your staff when they need it

    Menopause in the workplace

    Why does menopause have a place in the workplace?

    • Women experience menopause during working years. Average age for menopause is 51, 1 in 100 experience menopause under the age of 40
    • The effects of the symptoms experienced through menopause can be disabling for women which means that employers who fail to properly support women could be found to be discriminatory
    • 1 in 3 employers do not feel well equipped to support menopausal women
    • Over 50% of women can recall at least one time when they were unable to go into work due to menopausal symptoms
    • 1 in 4 woman consider leaving their jobs, 1 in 10 do.

    And yet with 51% of the UK population experiencing menopause in some way, there is still a gap in workplace support.

    This gap leads to disengagement, attrition, brand damage and does not just impact peri and post menopausal women.

    If you’re looking to open communication and support women in your organisations why not check out our menopause talks below.

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    Our Menopause Talks

    Our talks will provide you with knowledge and techniques along with space for reflection and conversation. We present potential symptoms and options along with adjustments in the workplace and supportive habits to build into your menopause plan.

    Talk Subject Options:

    • Menopause Awareness: Supporting Yourself
    • Menopause Awareness: Supporting Others
    • Menopause & Nutrition: Predicting Future Health Risks
    • Menopause & Nutrition: Managing Symptoms
    • Menopause Focus : Brain Fog & Confidence

    Sessions are 60minutes and are best delivered in person.

    Sessions are priced at £675 each, the equivalent to funding almost 25 hours of therapy at Cavendish Cancer Care.

    Email to book