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    We’d make a great team.

    You can support Cavendish Cancer Care in a variety of ways. Whatever the size of your organisation, we can work together to make a positive difference to the lives of people affected by cancer.

    Why support us?

    You might support us because we have helped a member of your team, or because of the fantastic difference we can make together. As part of our growth, we are working with organisations to bring awareness of the mental health side of cancer, especially in the workplace. We can provide documents to signpost your employees about how you can support them through a cancer diagnosis, whether they have been diagnosed, or their loved ones have been. Signposting employees to Cavendish Cancer Care can help you as an organisation work with a local charity.

    “We have forged a relationship that will continue for many years, and hope that the business community can continue to support Cavendish to deliver much needed support to those in our region.”

    Email Kirsty for more information

    Partnering with Cavendish

    We love to work with all organisations across the region and want to showcase the amazing charitable work you are doing to help us sustain and grow our service. However, we appreciate some organisations like to work with their employees and support causes close to them, or do not have a formal process. That’s where our individually tailored approach comes in.

    We appreciate that the amount of money raised does not always correspond to the amount of effort you put in. This is why we run a one of a kind charity partnership scheme where it’s about levels of participation and engagement rather than funds raised. We will work with you on an individual basis to set out fun and meaningful goals for your business to aim for, making sure your partnership is as impactful and engaging as possible for you and us!

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    Let’s Talk Sessions

    Let us help you. With our bespoke and individually tailored training and workshops, we can help you deliver much needed employee well-being sessions that cover;

    • Let’s Talk about Cancer
    • Let’s Talk about Rest
    • Let’s Talk about Wellbeing
    • Let’s Talk about Nutrition
    • Let’s Talk about Relaxation

    Find out more about these sessions

    But why invest your time in this? Not only will this improve communication within your organisation, it will also help build your culture and team around trust, loyalty and engagement.

    • Increased employee engagement, job satisfaction, trust and loyalty
    • Enhance company image
    • Risk Management
    • Reduced employee turnover
    • Increased efficiency resulting in financial gain
    • Supporting a local charity

    Find out more by emailing Kirsty on k.white@cavcare.org.uk

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