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  • Our Sleep Window Tips with Mattress Online make global news

    February 6, 2023

    Clare Longstaffe, our Programme Lead and Therapist, and Chloe Angus, our Corporate Wellbeing Manager,  have begun working with Mattress Online to create blog articles to support positive sleep.

    Mattress Online are a multi-award winning Yorkshire-based mattress, bed, and sleep accessory retailer with over 17 years of industry experience and sleep expertise. Like us Mattress Online are passionate about helping people enjoy a good night’s sleep.

    Difficulty sleeping and Fatigue are 2 of the top challenges that we see at Cavendish which is why we have an Improving Sleep course in our online resources, and provide Sleep Focus talks to local businesses.

    This content partnership also brings important donations with each article collaboration providing equivalent funding for over 26 hours of therapy.

    “Through a series of networking events held locally in Sheffield we were fortunate to be introduced to Chloe, Kirsty and the Cavendish team. As a charity they’re adding so much value with their work to patients and families, so it felt like a great opportunity for us to add our support whilst drawing from some of their expertise for our staff and customers alike. From collaborating on relevant blog content connected to health and wellbeing to working with our team to deliver wellbeing sessions, it’s a partnership we see going from strength to strength going forward.” 

    Sharon Robson, PR & Communication, Mattress Online

    The first collaborative piece included top tips for finding your sleep window. Clare refers to this as a sleep train, when the rhythms of our body tell us that we are sleepy. We might start yawning, our eyes might get tired, we may feel relaxed. This is when our body is telling us it’s time to sleep. Clare uses the train analogy as if we ignore these signs and keep ourselves awake, we miss the train, and another train may not arrive for a good period of time as our body and brain relax again.

    The tips we shared included:

    • Use the suggested 8 hours as benchmark and work back from when you need to get up as a guide for when to go to bed
    • Consider your routines to best prepare for sleep:
      • Limit caffeine, particularly after midday
      • Finish eating 2-3 hours before bed as eating too close to bed time can keep us awake
      • Switch off from your phone 1 hour before bed and turn off notifications
      • Focus on relaxation in your nighttime routine; relaxation techniques, a bath, soothing skincare routine, reading etc
    • If you’re struggling to switch off and have lots of thoughts circulating try relaxation techniques (we love Relaxation Head), or writing your thoughts down in a notebook. A to-do list for the next day can often help to soothe the mind and improve sleepiness and sleep quality.

    You can read the original blog here.

    The piece was also picked up globally by HuffPost, The Mirror, MailOnline, Yahoo, Stylist, Canada Today and more! Great for increasing awareness of Cavendish and the work we do.

    If you are interested in our sleep support for yourself you can find out more here.

    If you would like to know more about our Sleep Focus talks for your organisation, please do not hesitate to contact Chloe on c.angus@cavcare.org.uk

    Mattress Online want everyone to find the right mattress for them to support sleep quality. They have  number of guides, sleep tips and advice pages on their website. To find out more go to https://www.mattressonline.co.uk/