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  • Help with Grief

    Have you lost a loved one to cancer?

    Are you stuck, lost or overwhelmed by grief?

    We have several ways we can support you if you’ve been bereaved due to cancer including:

    • 1-2-1 bereavement counselling either in person or online (please phone or email to book as assessment)
    • Our online grief support group hosted live by our bereavement counsellor (see below for dates)
    • Our ‘Moving through Grief’ bereavement course via our online resources, which you can complete at your own pace at home.

    Grief Circle

    Our Grief Circle is an online group session facilitated by Toby Oliver, an experienced therapist and Grief Counsellor.

    See Toby talk about the Grief Circle here: https://youtu.be/ArZqyMXuWFM

    This is for you if any of the following apply:

    • You feel stuck, lost or overwhelmed
    • You want to better understand your grief
    • You’re not sure where to start
    • You want to learn ways to lessen the pain and distress
    • You want to remember your loved one with greater of peace of mind

    The Cavendish Grief Circle is a safe and supportive space with others who have experienced bereavement. You are free to share or ask questions if you want to or to simply listen. Sessions last for 1 hour. We have daytime or evening options available. 

    The next dates for the Grief Circle in 2024 are:

    • Wednesday 13th March, 12 pm
    • Monday 15th April, 7 pm
    • Wednesday 8th May, 12 pm
    • Monday 10th June, 7 pm
    • Wednesday 17th July, 12pm
    • Monday 12th August, 7pm
    • Wednesday 11th September, 12pm
    • Monday 14th October, 7pm
    • Wednesday 13th November, 12pm
    • Mon 9th December, 7pm

    You can choose to attend just one session, or book all of them.

    How to Book:

    You can book on by clicking here https://CavendishBookings.as.me/CavGC  or phoning reception on 0114 2784600.

    If you are having problems with the booking process please follow the step by step process using the link below:

    How to book online for Grief Circle – Step by Step

    New Grief Resources on Cavendish@Home

    We have a free to use, online resource hub called Cavendish@Home. All of our resources are free of charge and can be accessed whenever suits you, in the comfort of your own home.

    Our grief counsellor Toby has designed a new ‘Moving through Grief’ course, designed to provide practical help, guidance and support to help you move forward positively. You can take the course at your own pace using the pre-recorded content. The course is free of charge but you’ll need to sign up as a use on our learning platform. Cavendish@Home contains several courses which can help you with your wellbeing or support recovery from illness, so please take a look around.