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    Make a difference.

    Expert Will Writing Services

    Cavendish Cancer Care have partnered with two local firms to offer you an expert Will writing service.

    If you’re thinking of writing a Will, or updating an existing one, our partners at Bell and Buxton Solicitors and Irwin Mitchell Solicitors will work with you to make a legally-binding Will. 

    Bell and Buxton Solicitors

    Use a face to face service through Bell and Buxton by calling them on 0114 249 5969 to make an appointment, quoting Cavendish Cancer Care.

    Irwin Mitchell Solicitors

    Use an online service through Irwin Mitchell by clicking here if you have any queries about this service, please contact wills.inbox@irwinmitchell.com or to call 0370 1500 100.

    If you would like advice on which service might be suitable for you, call 0114 275 4070 and we’d be happy to help.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Do I Get?

    • A professionally bound, tamper-proof Will
    • Clear signing instructions
    • Peace of mind

    How Much Will It Cost?

    Bell and Buxton – Our friends at Bell and Buxton have generously offered to donate a portion of their services to Cavendish Cancer Care on a free of charge basis. All they ask is that you make a donation of  the cost of the Standard Single or Mirror Will to support our work. 100% of the donation for your Will comes directly to us.

    Irwin Mitchell – Standard single Wills for Cavendish Cancer Care start from £100 and standard mirror Wills start from £190. 20% of the fee you pay is given back by Irwin Mitchell to Cavendish Cancer Care to support our valuable work. Once you have completed the form, Irwin Mitchell will review it and advise you on the best course of action to ensure your wishes are carried out as you would like. Depending on your circumstances, they may recommend additional services such as the creation of a Trust. No costs will be incurred without your agreement.

    How Do I Pay?

    Payment for each service will be taken by our partner organisations and passed to us when your Will has been submitted.

    Why should I make a Will?

    • Taking care of what matters

    Making a Will is one of the most important things you can do in life to ensure that your wishes will be understood and acted on after death and your friends and family will be looked after. You might make or amend a Will in a time of change, such as marriage, the birth of a child, or even the adoption of a pet. This is because a Will ensures that what matters to you is properly taken care of in the event of your passing.

    • Tax

    A properly written Will ensures that you do not pay unnecessary amounts of tax to the government. Your solicitor can advise you on how to make charitable donations that will help avoid paying too much tax. If you should die without making a Will then your estate will be intestate which means your wishes may not be carried out as you wish. Read more information on the implications of intestacy. Each individual’s tax situation is different, so we’d recommend consulting with your solicitor when making changes to your Will. If the total value of your estate is above the threshold set for the current tax year, your beneficiaries will have to pay 40% inheritance tax on the amount over this value. Recent reforms allow married couples and civil partners to combine their tax allowances. This does not double the tax allowance, but it does allow couples to maximise their individual thresholds for the tax year of their death.

    • Lower risk of disputes

    When you make a will through a qualified solicitor, the chance of a problem or dispute arising after your death is reduced. Disputes arise more often when someone dies without a Will, as certain people are entitled to apply to court to challenge the provision made by the intestacy rules, if they deem it unfair. For example, a long standing unmarried partner would receive nothing under the intestacy rules, so may have to consider making an application to a court to be awarded a share of the estate. There is huge stress and expense attached to such claims.


    Cavendish Cancer Care recommends everyone consult a legal professional to write a new will or change an existing one.