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    Alison Gregory @ Legal Studio Solicitors

    Alison Gregory at Legal Studio Solicitors has over 17 years of experience in Family Law and Private Client Law. In 2022, Alison was recognised for her exceptional work in Private Client Wills and Probate, receiving two prestigious awards. The judges spoke of her willingness to provide services beyond what is expected of a private client lawyer, arranging and attending funerals, clearing homes on behalf of estates, and even facilitating the adoption of bereaved pets! Her deep understanding of family dynamics and complexities makes her a valuable asset to her clients, providing them with compassionate and informed advice and representation.

    Partner Will Scheme Details

    Alison offers a free Will scheme in lieu of a donation to Cavendish Cancer Care. In lieu of paying Legal Studio Solicitors for your Will/s, a donation to Cavendish Cancer Care will be made. Donations can be made via our website here or can be made by cheque directly to Alison who will pass this on. To make an appointment through the Will Scheme, please reference Cavendish Cancer Care, and contact her on alison.gregory@legalstudio.co.uk