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  • Worry, Stress and Anxiety

    Taking some regular time out for a short wellbeing practice can help ease the tension of worry, stress and anxiety. We are all different and so we encourage you to find what is helpful for you. For some, a breathing practice or moving the body can help bring a sense of release and relief and foster a greater sense of wellbeing, but it may be that these are not for you. This is why we have created a bank of resources on our Wellbeing Bundle to guide you through practices and to help you develop your own, personal ‘Wellbeing toolkit’. You can access the bundle here.

    In this video, Toby shows us some simple stretches to warm up the body and reduce stress, tightness and tension. You can do them standing or on a chair. Toby has created a mini course, ‘Ease Stress and Anxiety with Toby’ found on our Wellbeing Bundle

    5 to 1 Relaxation

    In the audio below, Clare takes us through a very simple and quick way to bring a sense of calm, grounding and relaxation.
    This exercise is also found on our ‘Managing Worry’ mini course on our Wellbeing Bundle, where you will find further grounding and calming practices.

    Grounding Practice

    In the video below, Clare explains why grounding might be useful and shares a simple practice that can help shift us from feeling overwhelmed to calmer. This is taken from our Scanxiety Toolkit on our Wellbeing Bundle which has many other practices to ease tension, stress and anxiety.

    Chair Yoga

    You may also like to book onto chair yoga

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