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  • Work A Day For Cavendish

    Work A Day is a fun and easy way to support Cavendish Cancer Care, making a big difference for local people. To take part, all you need to do is go to work on Friday 28th June, and donate a sum equal to your day’s pay. Work A Day is a ‘digital event’, meaning that anyone can sign up, regardless of where they are. On the day, teams of people will be joining in across the region, from all walks of life and all professions, creating a real sense of camaraderie and community spirit. Connecting us will be the hashtag #workforcav, where we will create real social media buzz, giving the best Friday feeling! Join as an individual, with friends, as a team or as an entire company – everyone is welcome!

    Work A Day is perfect for busy bees, who don’t have the time to run a marathon or organise an elaborate event. Whatever your career, you and your workplace can get involved.

    For more information and ideas, download a supporter pack by clicking here.

    David Grey MBE, Executive Chairman of OSL Group and Chairman of Cavendish Cancer Care, has pledged to Work A Day.

    “One day’s wages is certainly not to be sniffed at,” says David. “If enough people rally around this event, we can raise a significant amount to support local families. Plus, this event is the perfect opportunity to come together as a team for a good cause. Introduce your workplace to this fantastic local charity by pledging to Work A Day and encouraging your colleagues to do the same.”

    Pledge to Work A Day for Cavendish Cancer Care[vfb id=36]

    How to Donate

    Online: click here to donate online.

    Card: give us a call on 0114 275 4070 to make a card payment over the phone.

    Cash or cheque: You can bring cash in to our centre, or write a cheque to Cavendish Cancer Care, 34 Wilkinson Street, Sheffield, S10 2GB. If you do this, please let us know it’s for Work A Day by attaching a note!

    Social Media

    Why not change your profile photo on LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter to show everyone you’re working a day for Cavendish!
    Doing this helps us spread the word about our event. Simply right click to download the photo, then upload it to your profile.