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    Cavendish Cancer Care is based at the Tim Pryor Centre

    Tim Pryor Centre, 34 Wilkinson Street, Sheffield S10 2GB

    Map & Directions

    • At Wilkinson Street we see clients and provide them with the full range of our services – you can contact us by phone or email or call in to make an appointment
    • We will see you within 5 days of you making contact with us
    • You will be seen by one of our assessors who will listen to your story and together you will make a plan of care, based on your concerns and needs
    • We will provide you with a number of sessions with one of our therapists
    • When your care is completed, you will talk to your assessor again
    • We would expect that you will have seen a real improvement in your ability to cope with your issues and feelings
    • This will be an opportunity to think about your next steps
    • But remember that we are still here for you if you need help in the future

    They didn’t cure my cancer, but they did help me cope with it.


    Cavendish Cancer Care also provide our services at:

    Sheffield Cancer Information Hub @ The Moor Market

    Sheffield Cancer Information Hub

    The Sheffield Cancer Information Hub is a drop-in centre providing information and support about cancer for residents of Sheffield, in a non-clinical setting.
    Run by Cavendish Cancer Care this is a place to have a casual conversation about cancer and find out what services are available to you.
    The Hub brings together local services such as NHS Sheffield CCG, Macmillan Cancer Support, Cavendish Cancer Care and many other charitable and voluntary groups.

    Cancer Support Centre and Weston Park Hospital

    Map & Directions

    If you are a Radiotherapy Patient, or on Ward 2 or 3 at Weston Park Hospital – ask the Nursing staff and they will put you in touch with our service there.

    We provide: Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy & Visualisation and Shiatsu.

    Macmillan Palliative Care Unit at Northern General Hospital


    We provide: Reiki, Massage, Aromatherapy and Healing – ask the Nursing staff and they will put you in touch with our service there.