Volunteer roles

Cancer buddy

Overview: Cavendish Cancer Buddies are a group of volunteers who have either had cancer themselves or have cared for someone with cancer. Because they have “been there” they can listen to the things that people can’t always say to their family and friends, and won’t judge what you say.

Suitable for:  You will either have had a diagnosis of cancer within the last few years or have been a carer or close family member of someone with cancer. You will need

  • Good listening skills
  • Empathy
  • Compassion
  • The ability to step out of your own personal situation
  • Be able to offer support without giving advice/offering solutions
  • Be willing to undertake all relevant training and refresher/update training as required.

Time required: The scheme is intended to be as flexible as possible so that the volunteer and the patient can arrange times to be in contact that suit them both. For each person that you support, you will be likely to spend an hour a week/fortnight on phone calls and record keeping. You won’t be asked to support more than 3 people at a time, but this can be less if you would like it.

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Collection Bucket Volunteer & Bag Packers

Overview: Collection Bucket Volunteers & Bag Packers attend events and collect donations in fundraising buckets. You will be the face of Cavendish and may be required to explain who we are and what we do to those who ask.

Suitable for: These volunteers must have great people skills and be confident in approaching the public to fulfill the requirements of this role. This position is great for anyone who is friendly, chatty, and keen to inform others of the brilliant work we do. It is good to bear in mind the active nature of this role.

Time required: Very flexible, no set hours. You can pick and choose which events you would like to volunteer at.

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Collection Box Distribution Volunteer

Overview: Collection Box Volunteers are responsible for the distribution and collection of tins throughout Sheffield each month. If you can find new sites for collection boxes in your area… that would be an added bonus!

Suitable for: This role is suitable for anyone who would like to support us but has little time to spare. You must be reliable, friendly, and it is preferable that you have access to a car.

Time required: Very flexible, no set hours. You will work on an ‘as and when’ basis.

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