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    A personal fundraising page with either Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving will save you time and effort when collecting sponsorship from friends and family, it is not as hard as you may think.

    Instead of sending you cash and cheques, your supporters can donate securely and tax-efficiently on your page by credit or debit card. The money is sent directly to our bank account, saving you time collecting the money.

    Using these website will cut down on Cavendish Cancer Care administrative costs, ensuring more of your money goes straight to the cause. They will reclaim the 25% tax on every pound donated by UK taxpayers in the Gift Aid scheme, so your gift goes further.

    Once you have set up your page you will be able to spend more time training and less time collecting money. You can email your friends with your page address and your fundraising is as good as done. Both Virgin Money Giving and Just Giving also allow you to link your page to you Facebook and Twitter account to help promote you efforts.

    How to set up your fundraising page with Just Giving

    Just Giving

    • Go straight to the Cavendish Just Giving homepage.
    • Click “Fundraise for us”.
    • Log in to your JustGiving account – Or, enter your email address to set one up.
    • Let them know what you’re doing to raise money – Are you taking part in an organised event, celebrating a Personal occasion, raising money In memory of someone or taking on your own Personal challenge?
    • Select or search for your event (this step is only if you’re creating a page for an organised event).
    • Finalise your selection – Let them know if you’re doing an event or challenge in memory of someone, and if you’d like to stay up to date with Cavendish Cancer Care news and Just Giving’s news.
    • Choose your Just Giving web address.
    • Create your page.

    That’s it!

    Your page is set up and ready to receive donations. You can now personalise your page and share it with your contacts. Following these simple steps to create your page takes less than a minute.

    How to set up your fundraising page with Virgin Money Giving

    Fundraise for us using Virgin Money Giving

    • Go straight to the Virgin Money Giving homepage.
    • Click “Start fundraising”.
    • Tell them what kind of event you’re taking part in, when the event is taking place, where, and if you’re doing it alone or with friends.
    • If you’re taking part in an organised event the details may already be loaded onto Virgin Money Giving, so you’ll be able to search for your event and we’ll bring up all the information for you.
    • Chose Cavendish Cancer Care – You will be asked for the names of the charities you’d like your sponsorship money to go to. Obviously you will be chosing Cavendish Cancer Care but with Virgin Money Giving you can support additional charities with one page.
    • Register or sign in – To set up your page you will be asked to register with Virgin Money Giving. Simply tell them your contact details and choose a password for your Virgin Money Giving account. Or if you’ve already registered with Virgin Money Giving, just sign in.
    • Choose a web address for your Virgin Money Giving page. The address will be the same for every event you take part in, so it’s best to avoid one that’s related to a specific event or date.

    You’ll now have a basic Virgin Money Giving page showing your event details and the charities you’re supporting.

    Next you can customise your page with more information, photos and links by clicking the ‘create my page’ button.