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    February 25, 2016


    This year is a leap year, so Monday gives us a headache at Cavendish…we have an extra day to fund!  Ever keen on a challenge, we are embracing this as an opportunity to get out there and let the local community know the challenges we face as a small independent charity and how much we value their support.

    It costs around £1800 a day to keep the Cavendish Centre open; providing our vital therapies to local cancer patients and their families. We couldn’t raise this without local people making donations and doing events for us. We are hoping to make a big noise on Monday and raise at least this amount on the day, we have the Lord Mayor visiting the Centre at teatime and we’d like the lights to be on when he gets here!

    SO it’s simple our challenge on Monday is to raise £1800 – what can you do you help?  Every penny makes a difference to the 17 families who will receive 30 sessions of individual therapy on Monday. Keep an ear out on radio Sheffield and our Facebook and Twitter feeds for updates of how we are getting on.

    If you can help us with a donation to get our totaliser going you can ring 0115 275 4070 to make a donation over the phone. Or just our Extra day donation page on Just Giving HERE or text CAVC25 £5 to 70070.