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  • Top tips – get prepared for the Sheffield Together 2015!

    October 5, 2015


    It’s a little over a month until our annual fun run, the Sheffield Together 2015. Come on Sheffield, let’s get together and show our support for people affected by cancer.

    There’s no pressure – just a fun, muddy walk, jog or run around Ecclesall Woods.

    Click here to sign up today! 

    Top tips for training:

    1. Get the right pair of shoes!
      • Make sure that you’ve worn them in; nobody wants blisters.
    2. Train steadily.
      • Don’t expect to just pull on your trainers and run 5 or 10k if you’ve never done it before. Gradually build up your stamina by increasing your distance whenever you train.
    3. Make it social.
      • Get some mates involved – you won’t be lonely and you can raise even more money for charity!
    4. Warm up before the race.
      • Make sure you stretch and warm yourself up before the race. Don’t forget – it’ll be a November morning, you’ll want to be as warm as you can!
    5. Don’t stress about it.
      • It may seem like a long way, but there’s absolutely no pressure. The idea is to have fun and raise money for charity. You can walk it if you like – or you can do 5km! It’s totally up to you.

    Keep training, keep fundraising and keep thinking of the difference that you’ll make to local families affected by cancer.