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  • Tom’s 10k Story

    October 13, 2017

    I recently joined the Cavendish team as a volunteer. They are a great charity that give so much to so many people, and so I wanted to help them in any way I could. In that spirit (and with a little persuasion from the fundraising team) I decided that with 2 training runs under my belt, and only a week to go until the event – I would run the Sheffield 10k.

    I was apprehensive at first. Having never run a big race before, and only completing my first run only two weeks before the race, I was questioning whether I would even be able to finish! However being the friendly, supportive place that Cavendish is, I was immediately encouraged by everyone around me.  Fitted with my Cavendish vest, and after a rush of people sponsoring me (and one or two laughing at me) my confidence grew.

    By the time raceday came I was still nervous; whilst I had finished 4 runs, I still hadn’t completed one whole continuous 10k. However, as I arrived at the top of Tudor square I saw the Cavendish flag waving in the distance and my nerves left me. As I got to the stall I was greeted by other smiling runners and a huge arrangement of big Dave’s cakes (big Dave made 120 buns just to support our Cavendish runners). I loaded up on the fantastic cornflake cakes, posed for some photos and headed to the start line.

    My race nerves once again cleared as I approached the first Cavendish cheer point on the race. An array of blue Cavendish jumpers, and the loudest cheers on the course spurred me on, as did more supporters and marshals all along Ecclesall road. By the time I reached the halfway mark I found that I was ahead of my desired time, and feeling good. Whilst I was beginning to tire, I was also beginning to think that I might actually finish in a decent time. My feeling good was helped by the second half of the course, which was again full on both sides with cheering Cavendish supporters. With their support I was managing to stay just ahead of the 55 minute pacemaker, and once I reached the Cavendish cheer point 1km from the finish I put even more distance between myself and him and ended up finishing with a time of 54 minutes and 54 seconds

    Running for Cavendish was fantastic. Support from start to finish, a wonderfully bright orange running vest and a whole lot of buns. I ended up raising around £140 – not as much as some others, but a help none the less!. I felt part of something really special and for that I was so thankful. It wouldn’t have mattered if I had run a time of 35 minutes or 2 hours, everyone would have been just as proud and thankful all the same.