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  • Support for anyone who has lost someone to cancer

    May 18, 2021

    For 30 years, we have supported cancer patients, carers and loved ones affected by cancer, unfortunately for some people this also means when they lose a loved one to cancer. The majority of the support we provide is on a one to one basis offering individually tailored support around  their needs. Equally we know from the many positive comments we receive that many people value support in a group setting, with people who have shared experiences to them. We continue to develop new support like this within our core model of care, including a new bereavement support group, Moving through grief.

    If you or someone you know has lost a someone to cancer, whether it be last week, last year or beyond we are here for you and can provide one to one support or group sessions like Moving through grief.

    Please get in touch with our team on 0114 2784600 to speak to us about the support we can offer.