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  • Sheffield Hallam Staff raise £37,000 for Cavendish

    November 20, 2017

    Inspired by the work Cavendish Cancer Care does in supporting local families affected by cancer, nearly 600 members of staff from the Sheffield Hallam University Facilities Directorate have come together to raise £37,000.

    One of the families supported by Cavendish is that of FD staff member Julie Hibbins – aged 60 and from Longley, Sheffield. Julie, a Senior Domestic at the University, accessed Cavendish four years ago after successfully undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Once discharged after getting the ‘all clear’, Julie contacted Cavendish to address the emotional trauma caused by her cancer ordeal. She talked frankly to a counsellor about her recent experience with cancer which provided her with the emotional release that she needed. “Cancer changes your life. You’re clear, physically, but there is no consideration of the emotional impact of going through the treatment. If Cavendish wasn’t there, then I would have gone into depression. It changed my life,” said Julie.

    Mark Swales, Director of Estates and Facilities, said: “I am incredibly proud of the generosity of our staff within the Facilities Directorate for their continued support and commitment to achieve this excellent result. The money raised will make a significant impact for a local charity where every penny counts. We have staff from the Directorate that have either personally experienced cancer or someone close to them has. Cavendish has offered invaluable emotional or psychological support to them and close family members at a time of great need. Our staff have recognised this and wanted to make a difference by giving something back to the charity itself.”

    The fundraising efforts of the Directorate have been championed by a volunteer led Charity Board who have built a close working partnership with the charity. Over a two year period, with the support of colleagues from all areas of the business they have organised 57 events and activities. They have run events as diverse as cake eating, running charity stalls, quizzes, raffles, playing golf marathons, running 10k races and film showings to help raise the money. In addition, staff have also undertaken their own personal challenges such as a year of sobriety, jumping out of planes, cycling to Skegness, and back, and abseiling off a 12 story building showing how individual efforts can create big impacts.

    Chris Farrell CEO of Cavendish Cancer Care said

    “Cavendish Cancer Care is delighted to have been a charity partner with Sheffield Hallam University and have been overwhelmed by the support we have received. As a local independent charity we are reliant on the support of the local community to keep our doors open to all those who need our help.

    It’s brilliant that so many people from FD have come together and raised such an incredible amount of money.  It just goes to show what a big impact people can have when they come together. The money raised will enable us to offer individualised packages of therapy to an additional 92 people this year.”