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  • Pie and Peas fundraiser in memory of Martin Ashton raises £4000

    May 23, 2016

    Jean and Martin AShtonIn 2012, Jean and Martin Ashton renewed their wedding vows on their 38th wedding anniversary. Although happy and filled with love, the sadness that Martin had been diagnosed with an incurable cancer was still present. Due to the dedicated care and support that Jean and Martin had received from Cavendish Cancer Care, they thoughtfully asked for donations in lieu of gifts and raised over £700 for us.

    Sadly, a little over two years later, Martin passed away. In 2015, on the anniversary of his death, Jean held a ‘Pie & Peas’ evening at the Treeton Miners Welfare Club and raised a fantastic £2,000 for Cavendish Cancer Care.

    A year later and Jean’s ‘Pie and Pea’s’ fundraiser has doubled the funds raised in 2015, reaching an incredible £4000! Martin’s old firm Powertherm made a very generous donation to the evening of £2000 and followed it up with £108 cash when they saw that was all Jean needed to take her total up to £4000.

    The money that Jean has raised over the years has and will provide up to 17 people the care and support that they need for an entire year.

    Ashton 2016 2A big thank-you is in order to everyone who supported Jean once again helping to raise this incredible amount of money. Also, a big thank-you to Powertherm for their incredibly generous donation and support to Jean. The company has also now joined Cavendish Business Club, with a membership fee of £380 per year. This £380 will provide payment of a full course of therapy for somebody affected by a devastating cancer diagnosis for themselves or their loved one.

    Jonny Cole of the fundraising team at Cavendish Cancer Care said “We are delighted for Jean and the success of her fundraiser, we are truly overwhelmed with the support she continues to give to us. The funds that have been raised truly emphasize the love and support she has from her family and friends. We are also incredibly pleased that Powertherm have made the decision to support us by joining Cavendish Business Club and we hope they continue with us for a long time.”

    Although the event is over for another year, Jean has a fundraising page where you can make online donations to her cause.

    Head on over to: https://www.justgiving.com/Inmemoryofmartin1

    For more information about Cavendish Business Club: email businessclub@cavcare.org.uk  or call 0114 275 4070.