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  • My #1 Tip for Living Well with Cancer

    November 4, 2018

    At Cavendish Cancer Care, we encourage people to focus on their personal wellbeing, in order to continue making the most of life in very difficult situations – when either themselves or a loved one is facing cancer. It’s important to keep living life, enjoying yourself and appreciating the world around you as best you can. We asked our followers how they live well with a cancer diagnosis: this was their best advice.

    “Get your head around it (with the help of Cavendish, Weston Park, and anyone else), and then carry on with your life as normal.” – Jacquie

    “Keep living, dreaming, and planning.” – Erika

    “Get out in the countryside more. Sheffield and the surrounding areas have some of the most spectacular and beautiful places in the world. After my diagnosis, I found great comfort even going for a short walk on the Pennine trail or around Ladybower reservoir.” – Damian

    “Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t feel guilty about putting yourself first and saying no. Rest as much as you can, but try to be active everyday as it will help with fatigue…and drink a lot of water!” – Amy

    “Enjoy life, not endure it. Make memories with loved ones. Talk, don’t bottle it up.” – Mick

    “Let the sunshine in – think as positively as possible, not just about the illness but about all sorts of things. Absorb all the love, care and support that floods in. Do lovely things. Be grateful for cancer research. That’s as important as treatment!” – Yvonne

    “Have something to aim for or look forward to, whether it’s a weekend away, a night with friends or a treat in your favourite café or restaurant. These things needn’t be elaborate or expensive but from experience, I know my wife cherished having something to look forward to that took her mind off the treatment and appointments. We were caravaners and the thought of even just one night away 2 miles from home was enough to make her smile and get excited. Share time and make time.” – David

    “Don’t let worries about tomorrow spoil today’s enjoyment.” – Michelle

    “I started reading, it gave me a source of escapism and I found a passion for books that I never knew I had. It’s helped me during and after my treatment.” – Felicity

    “Take every day as it comes and listen to your body, if you feel like dancing and singing do it, if you need a duvet day, equally good, going with the flow got me there.” – Jo

    “Never be afraid to ask for help. There’s always someone there.” – Ann

    If you are seeking some extra help to alleviate the stress or physical side effects of cancer treatment, or just need to talk to someone about a cancer diagnosis in yourself or a loved one, Cavendish are here to support you, free of charge. Give us a call on 0114 278 4600, and we’ll see you within five working days.

    What’s your best advice for living well with a diagnosis? Tweet us at @cavcancercare or message us on Facebook with the hashtag #CancerTopTip.