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  • Kris Travis’s family sign up to skydive!

    November 10, 2016

    Whitney and Kris Travis

    Whitney and Kris Travis

    The wife and cousin of our late Patron, Kris Travis, have bravely signed up for a skydive in aid of us!

    Whitney, who proudly accepted an award in her late husband’s name earlier this year, will be jumping out of a plane with Trav’s cousin Georgia on May 30th 2017.

    Whitney says: “Cavendish is local and supports people affected by cancer. Kristoffer and I received support and are extremely grateful for this. Kris was diagnosed with stomach cancer in August 2014 and this left us all devastated.”

    “We always thought things like this happen to other people. You never think it would happen to you.”

    “He had surgery to remove most of his stomach and an extra long course of chemotherapy. He had a period of remission and we had such a good summer. Unfortunately, the next September he was his cancer returned and was terminal.”

    “Kris made us all proud and he was so brave. In fact, most of his time was spent comforting me (bless him). He dedicated his life to family, friends and wrestling and, towards the end of his life, fundraising. We LOVE him so much and must carry on his legacy.”

    “Cavendish helped us; simple things such as a massage when I was feeling worn out had such a positive effect.”

    “Any donation big or small will be much appreciated as it all adds up! I think I deserve extra donations as I start shaking with fear on the second step of a ladder!”

    She is calling upon wrestling fans around the world to support her and donate: “Kristoffer always said how much he loves his fans as he would not have been able to have the career he had without them. And since he’s passed they have been great donating, organising events and doing their own fundraising so THANK YOU!”

    To sponsor Whitney and Georgia, head to: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/whitsandgeorge