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  • Introducing Cavendish Corporate Wellbeing!

    October 13, 2021

    For over 30 years, Cavendish Cancer Care have provided a safe haven for cancer patients and their families from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. With Cavendish Corporate Wellbeing we look forward to building on our corporate partnerships in the local community by providing wellbeing training courses and bespoke options.

    Why is this important now? The global pandemic has pushed people’s wellbeing to the top of the corporate agenda. 45% of UK employees state that COVID19 and lockdown has negatively affected their mental health (CIPD) and work related stress continues to rise, accounting for more than 50% of all absence days (HSE).

    This is an exciting new direction for us combining the expertise of our therapists, our collective knowledge of the corporate world and the increasing need for wellbeing support within local organisations. What’s more these services will provide direct additional funding so we can continue the amazing care activities at our Tim Pryor Centre.

    “The emotional and mental side of it…. That’s where Cavendish really comes into its element”, Michael, client of Cavendish.

    Our values in Corporate Wellbeing echo those of our brand as a charity; long term positive wellbeing, communication and individuality with no judgement.

    Our objectives include an increase in employee engagement, an improvement to local economy (ROI of corporate wellbeing interventions is up to 8:1) and additional therapeutic care, along with a general boost of Yorkshire community pride!

    We’d love to connect and discuss how we can work together to support your team’s wellbeing needs.

    You can find out more about our Corporate Wellbeing by speaking to Chloe or clicking below:

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    Contact information

    Chloe Angus, Corporate Wellbeing Manager
    0114 275 4070