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  • Honorary Doctorate for Cavendish Founder

    January 11, 2017

    dsc_0010Today we’re celebrating a very special award – Founder and Life President of Cavendish Cancer Care, David Simons, has been awarded an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Medicine by the University of Sheffield!

    David was working as a dentist when he founded Cavendish back in 1991. He had been successfully using hypnosis to help patients who were anxious, stressed or in pain. Increasingly, doctors began to refer patients to him who were struggling to come to terms with the cancer that had changed their lives.

    He says:

    “The last year has been somewhat of a whirlwind for me: we have reached our 25th anniversary; seen our 20,000th client; found a new building and now I am to receive an honorary degree! If somebody asked me to pick out a particular achievement from this year, I really think I’d be overwhelmed to even try.

    “When five of us, each involved in some aspect of cancer care, first dreamed up the idea of starting a cancer support charity, we didn’t realise how much it would grow and what fantastic people would become a part of that dream. I certainly never expected to be personally honoured by the University! For me, this whole journey has all been about one thing and one thing only: supporting cancer patients and their families.

    “From the start four things were absolutely crucial; patients and carers would be central to the organisation, we would not charge, we would insist on total professionalism, and we would work in partnership with mainstream cancer care providers. It is a source of constant pleasure to me that over the years this philosophy has remained in place.

    “I wake up each morning so proud of what Cavendish has achieved, which is all thanks to the incredible staff and supporters we have had over the years. I am still amazed that the University of Sheffield has bestowed such an honour onto me and I truly see it as an honour for all involved at the charity – past, present and future.”

    On behalf of everybody at Cavendish – Well Done, David!