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  • Don’t want to send Christmas Cards ? We’ve got you covered

    December 11, 2018

    If you and Mike from accounts figure you spend 40 hours a week together and sending each other a card seems a bit silly, Or as a workplace you’d like to to something a little different rather than send cards we have the thing for you. A Christmas Greetings Poster, which was designed by Ophelia, one of the children who has been supported by our Young People’s Service this year. Instead of exchanging cards with your colleagues, write your Christmas greetings on the poster and make a donation to Cavendish Cancer Care.

    If cards aren’t your thing full stop or you already know you are going to leave it too late then get in touch about our e-card. Make a donation to us in lieu of sending Christmas cards and we’ll send a lovely picture you can send via email or share on social media to let people know what you’ve done.

    If you would like a Christmas poster for your office or want to donate in lieu of sending Christmas Cards contact hello@cavcare.org.uk or call Jonny or Claudia on 0114 275 4070