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  • Charlie: My Cavendish In 25 Words

    April 11, 2016

    To celebrate our 25th year, our staff, therapists, volunteers and board have shared 25 words about what Cavendish Cancer Care means to them.

    Charlie Weston:
    Cavendish Cancer Care Charlie

    “As a veteran of the Centre, a short bio may be difficult but here goes: I became a Therapist in my mid-40s, having previously worked in the printing industry and then in telecommunications. This was part of a huge life change for me; a new career, circle of friends, opportunities and outlook on life.

    Seeing my son get married and becoming a granddad to two very energetic grandsons – a 3 and a 4 year old – brings me great pleasure and joy.”

    Here are Charlie’s 25 words about what Cavendish means to him:

    Quite simply it’s the people: The Cavendish team where we share in each other’s successes and the Centre users where we share in their support.