Cavendish Christmas Cracker – Winners Announced!

Our Cavendish Christmas Cracker has been drawn!

1st place prize goes to Sarah! (ticket 193041) Congratulations!

Runners up are as follows:

2nd – Janet (ticket 029085)
3rd – Fiona (ticket 174988)
4th – British Silverware Ltd (ticket 109804)
5th – Dave (ticket 185607)
6th – Peter (ticket 111822)
7th – Marie (ticket 169534)
8th – C Browett (ticket 014409)
9th – Jenny (ticket 029673)
10th – Rik (ticket 018773)
11th – Jonathan (ticket 106013)
12th – Lorraine (ticket 199686)
13th – Fay (ticket 158037)
14th – Betty (ticket 107831)
15th – M Croft (ticket 187703)
16th – Chris (006740)

All winners have been notified. A big thank you to our Christmas Cracker Co-Ordinator, Carol, and Terry, for their hard work on the raffle.

And of course, thank you to everyone who played this year. You have all made an incredible difference for local people affected by cancer. We’re excited to share the grand total raised soon!