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    August 4, 2015

    Kath and PuppyKath Rhodes patient & volunteer of Cavendish Cancer Care is looking forward to collecting her new 4 week old Cockapoo puppy at the end of August, when he is ready to be part of her family. Owning a puppy has long been part of her plan to enjoy life with two cancer related illness.

    She needs your help to choose his name. Already the nameless puppy is fundraising on behalf of Cavendish Cancer Care with friends & family pledging a donation to help name him. Even the hobby breeder who Kath is getting the pup from loved the idea and kicked off the naming fundraising with a £50 donation and the name Bailey. But we need you help to find this lovable bundle’s name.

    It was Kath’s husband Kevin first brought Cavendish Cancer Care to her attention , when he saw a leaflet on a hospital notice board and jotted down the telephone number. Kath lost her mum, lost her chance to become a parent, lost her health and lost her career all within 3months of each other when a prenatal blood test showed that she had Leukaemia two days before Christmas. After such a traumatic run of events, She knew she needed support and made a call to Cavendish, Kath says

    “It was my Haven, it was such a relief to speak to someone who understood the shock & worry I felt about my illness the upset to my whole family & friends and grief and bereavement of our daughter who lost her life to save her mummies life.”

    Kath been a volunteer for the Cavendish Centre for the last 16 years helping with various events and fund raising initiatives from be a model at Chatsworth House on a calendar to bucket collecting and a jail break.

    Now she wants you to help name her new puppy, all you need to do is text DOGG15 and the amount you wish to donate (£2/£5/£10) to 70070 completing the gift aid declaration so we know the donation is from you. Then send your chosen name to fundraising@cavcare.org.uk. The winning name will be drawn at random at the end of August.

    “This fantastic charity is so dear to my heart personally but my main reason I support it so fondly is that it shares it care & service advise with all people effected by Cancer which every importantly is the family & carers also.”

    “Because sometime I think these people get forgotten about but not at this centre. I have had to rely on the great professional service of the centre again with a blip my So a way of saying thank you I decided to think of a sponsor event and as our new addition to our family is going to be a puppy that I am sure will keep me positive & on my toes to be busy I would like to ask Cavendish Supporters and pet lovers out there to join in the fun and help us find him a name.”