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  • Cavendish Blog: 10 Reasons To Get On Your Bike

    June 29, 2015

    The summer weather is here (for the moment, anyway) and what better way to celebrate than dusting off the pedals and heading out into the fresh air? Here are our top 10 reasons why you should…

    1. Oh the places you’ll go!

    Cycling is one of the cheapest ways of transportation- a study done by Lund University in Denmark shows that driving a car to work can cost you a whopping six times more!


    2. Cycling works those legs muscles hard.

    Within just a couple of weeks of beginning to cycle, you’ll notice a real improvement to your tone and definition in your legs. So come on, pedal hard!


    3. It’s one of the friendliest sports around.

    With countless cycling groups big and small around South Yorkshire, you’re sure to find one in your neck of the woods- with a ready-made group of pals to celebrate your next big ride with.


    4. You’ll get to know our area much better.

    Why not take a ride up to the Peak District and explore some of our region’s most beautiful countryside on one of its dedicated cycling trails?


    5. Cycling can help your mental health.

    With countless studies showing that exercise is one of the best natural treatments for depression, getting out into the fresh air could help give you some real peace and clarity of mind.


    6. Go green!

    Getting on your bike helps the environment. It’s totally pollution free, and also virtually noiseless.


    7. Happy and healthy.

    Cycling is not only good for your muscles- it reduces your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. It can also help keep your body fat to a healthy amount.


    8. It’s not a snore!

    Struggling to catch those zzzzzzs? Going for a bike ride can help people with insomnia fall asleep twice as quickly, according to the American Psychological Association.


    9. Anyone can do it.

    Getting on a bike is for everyone! There are some brilliant bikes designed for kids and even some special bikes designed for families to ride together, like the eccentric bakfiets or a classic tandem. There is a growing range of bikes designed for people with disabilities, too.


    10. Make a difference.

    Cycling can make a real difference. By taking part in Ride For Eric, you won’t only see health benefits, you’ll be raising money to help people in need. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today, and we’ll see you there on July 12th! Helmets at the ready…let’s pedal!


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