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  • The Devonshire Cat: Chilli Chicken Wing Challenge

    September 10, 2015

    ChickenPoster cropDo think you can take the heat ? Handle your chilli as much as the next Mexican, well our friends at The Devonshire Cat have got the night for you. The Chilli Chicken Wing Challenge on Thursday 10th September will challenge your resistance to the scoville scale to the max. There are three knock out rounds of wings with each one hotter than the last. Then and only then is the final round of two wings which they describe as “extreme spice”. An entry fee of £5 is payable all of which is donated to us so you really have no excuse not to get involved………unless you are scared. For more information  call The Devonshire Cat on 0114 2796 700 or email info@devonshirecat.co.uk   This page is sponsored by Locksmith Bristol who are a small, local business and fully support Cavendish Cancer Care.