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  • Challenge 7 : 7th March – 7th April

    March 7, 2021

    Your mission: set yourself a challenge which incorporates the number 7 you could run 7km for 7 days, cycle 70km, or sit in an ice bath for 7 minutes! Whatever your idea (the crazier the better!), it will raise vital funds for Cavendish Cancer Care.

    Inspired by the 7 hills of Sheffield where Cavendish Cancer Care is based, your mission is to set yourself a challenge which incorporates the number 7. You could run 7km for 7 days, cycle 70km, or sit in an ice bath for 7 minutes or just bake 7 cakes and sell them at anytime between 7th March and 7th April !

    Whatever your idea (but the crazier the better!), we’re sure all your friends and family will get behind you, and help raise funds to support Cavendish Cancer Care. So, what will your challenge 7 be ?

    We would encourage for all participants to set themselves a minimum target of £70 – however the more you can raise, the better! (the harder the challenge you set, the more likely you are to smash your target!). We’ll also be having a party at the end to celebrate all your success and they’ll be a few prizes too!

    £70 will make a difference to someone living with cancer by covering the costs of providing time and space to comes to terms with the effect cancer is having on them or their loved ones. Whether this be by proving therapy sessions to a cancer patient to ease the pain of cancer treatment, specialist support to a child who doesn’t know how to express their emotions because their parent has cancer, or giving a someone caring for a loved one an unemotional ear to express their fears without fear of upsetting anyone. Whatever you raise will provide personalised package of care at a time they need it the most.

    Head over to https://www.challenge7.co.uk/ to sign up or learn more about what you could do with inspirational ideas.

    Challenge 7 is a collaboration between Cavendish Cancer Care and five brilliant final year events management students from Sheffield Hallam University who are volunteering their time and skills coming up with the concept of the new event and running it to raise as many funds for us as possible.