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    February 3, 2016

    17 The Moor, Sheffield, contains a large shop floor at the front on the ground floor, which once housed Sheffield’s branch of Woolworths. This magnificent open shop floor opens directly onto The Moor, in the heart of the cTea Rooms at Moor Deli (c) Sarah Sharpity centre’s regeneration project.

    However, the real attraction of the building is the old unused spaces, not touched for over a decade or more. These include a large basement and derelict 2nd floor. Full of atmosphere, with secret corners and dark rooms, they are perfect for immersive and promenade performance practice.

    We opened the space with a version of our flagship artist development programme, Theatre Souk, giving it a horror theme to reflect the spookiness of the space itself.

    9 new and emerging local theatre and circus companies we commissioned to make 9 new pieces of immersive theatre in a specific space around the building.

    It is our ambition to make our Sheffield space a vibrant community venue, providing structured opportunities to make art for both artists and non-artists.

    The main focus of our Sheffield space is supporting the artistic and local community, which we aim to achieve through three strands of targeted activity.