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  • Self Care Our Way. 

    Self care is an essential investment in your wellbeing. It is the practice of taking care of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your life to promote health and wellness.

    Many people see self-care as a luxury for ‘when you have time’, or something that’s less important and can be missed if you are busy. BUT this doesn’t have to be the case.

    Self-care can be incorporated into your everyday routine, and it doesn’t always require grand gestures. Practicing self-care can be as easy as having a nice long shower, taking a 10-minute walk, cooking a nice dinner, or simply having a cup of tea.

    Self-care is highly individual, customise your routine to be what works best for you. Trial and error is the best way forward! What works for someone else might not work for you.

    Keep reading to see how our team practice self care, hopefully this will inspire you to find self care your way.

    Chloe Angus, Corporate Wellbeing Manager.

    My routines play a big role in my self care, both in terms of preventing low mood and helping to feel better too. When my routines slip so does my mood. The biggest parts of this are sleep, food and movement. I used to wake up a lot in the night as I struggled to switch my thoughts off, my sleep routines have changed a lot over the past few years, I now value sleep more and go to bed earlier but I also don’t get annoyed with myself if I have a bad night sleep – life happens.

    I’ve got much better at planning food which helps me feel more in control and also stops me from just having crisps for dinner (Salt & Vinegar please), batch cooking on Sunday is one of my favourite routines and makes evenings less stressful when I know what I’m going to eat. Finally moving is huge for my confidence and wellbeing, I enjoy yoga and a run or weights workout every once in a while but my absolute favourite is a hike in the peaks with my dog, Bella. Being outside, particularly in big open spaces, really calms me and brings everything into perspective

    I’m also really tuned into glimmers- little sparks of joy. I have my head up and eyes open when walking to appreciate the little things, and allow myself to smile when things bring my joy.”

    Charley Whitehead, Sales and Marketing Executive.

    “Looking after my physical health plays a huge role in how I feel mentally, so exercise and nutrition are high on my priorities. Its so important for me to factor exercise into my daily routine. Even during busy weeks this is crucial to factor in down time with my thoughts. Exercise also releases endorphins so its a natural mood booster, and gives me a sense on accomplishment when work or home life is getting overwhelming. Getting a nutrient rich diet is a non-negotiable in my weekly routine, because it not only benefits my body but also supports brain function and emotional stability.

    I am lucky to be one of those people who really enjoy cooking and find it therapeutic to zone out. Every Sunday I spend around 3 hours prepping meals for the week, this gives me an amazing reset ready for Monday mornings and it means that I can spend my weekday evenings on other things that I enjoy besides cooking. So whether I’m playing netball, at the gym or cooking a new recipe, these all play huge roles in how I look after my head as well as my body.”

    Kirsty White, Head of Fundraising.

    “I would love to say that I have a perfect self care routine but the reality is, in a role where every day is different and I could be working random hours, it’s really difficult to stick to a routine. That’s why I make sure each week I schedule time in for me. It’s too easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of every day and make up excuses so I prepare myself for the week ahead. I schedule time into my diary to go to the gym or do things for me, so this is an appointment with myself that I value as much as all my other appointments

    My self care practises differ depending on how I’m feeling and I listen to what my body needs. Sometimes I need to be outside in nature whether that is gardening or going for a long walk. I find this really helps me reset and get some space in my brain to be present in the moment. Other times, I need to sleep and rest. I can easily sleep 10+ hours every night (plus naps in the day) so when my mind and body are tired, I need to listen to that and rest. This includes social stimulation. I am always on the go and sometimes I just want to be sat on my sofa, no distractions and just be. I find being able to sit in a room of silence and do nothing really therapeutic.”

    Hayley Reynolds, Fundraiser.

    “I’m always keen to look after my physical and mental health as these impact more than just my day, it also impacts on my overall health. With how busy my days are, I try to get to bed early to get a full night’s sleep and be ready for the next day. Sleep is such a high priority for me as it not only affects how I feel physically the next day but also mentally.

    Exercise and nutrition are also a key part of my wellbeing routine which often boost my mood and improves my health. Going to the gym in the morning helps me to feel productive throughout the day, while going in the evening helps me to relieve stress and wind down from the day.”

    Laura Ross, Marketing Manager.

    “I’m really aware of the importance of looking after my physical and mental health and this is definitely something I prioritise more now than in my younger years. I’m a busy working mum of two boys so fitting in self-care is a real challenge but I try to schedule things like exercise into small windows of time during the week. I love yoga and try to attend two classes a week – this is really my main ‘me time’. I do yoga with weights so its benefits my physical as well as mental health and its very important to build muscle as you get older. I also love to do 20 or 30 minute spin rides on my Peloton bike at home and this means I don’t have to source childcare like I would if I wanted to go to the gym on an evening.

    In terms of nutrition I try to eat healthily most of the time but I don’t deny myself a treat of chocolate as I love it so much! Instead, I try to choose high quality, dark chocolate which is better for your health. My main problem is setting good sleep habits –I’m terrible at getting to bed early as there is just so much to do at home and I often find myself doing laundry at 11pm!  My main health aim for this year is to get more sleep and also develop my running skills enough to complete a 10K race by the end of 2024.”