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  • ‘Let’s Hear from the Experts’: Expert Health Talks

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    • Cavendish Wellbeing and Spire Claremont hospital have partnered to offer businesses exclusive expert health talks.
    • The offer of trusted health and wellbeing information is crucial to local businesses in this age of misinformation.
    • Book now by emailing c.angus@cavcare.org.uk

    ‘Let’s Hear from the Experts’ is a partnership between Cavendish Wellbeing and Spire Claremont offering educational, health-based focus talks by leading consultants from Spire Claremont Hospital.

    The ‘Let’s Hear from the Experts’ program is comprised of 60-minute sessions filled with specialist information by leading consultants in Gynaecology, Urology, Cardiology, Orthopaedics, and pain management.

    Health and wellbeing of staff is increasingly at the forefront of every business. These health talks offer trusted information, when we’re surrounded by misinformation and fake news.

    This is an incredible opportunity to access top consultants and empower your staff to learn about the importance of their health from an expert.

    Our current featured courses ‘Well-Woman’ and ‘Well-Man’

    Mr Cumberbatch is a Consultant Urological Surgeon and a Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Sheffield. Mr Cumberbatch has been instrumental in establishing the urology research unit at the Royal Hallamshire. In “Well-Man” Mr Cumberbatch will answer the questions that really matter to your team on testicular, bladder, kidney and prostate cancer, as well as core urology.

    Mr Gillespie is a Consultant Gynaecologist and International Trainer at the renowned European Surgical Institute. Mr Gillespie is the Lead Clinician for Gynaecological Cancer services at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. In “Well-Woman” Mr Gillespie will share information on women’s health that we don’t have access to, covering menstrual health, menopause, PCOS, endometriosis and gynaecological cancers and general problems.

    At just £675, businesses are able to choose which session they believe best suits the needs of their employees. The talks can be delivered in person or virtually.  And 100% of the investment funds Cavendish Cancer Care to be able to offer free therapy to anyone affected by cancer.

    Not just your everyday health & wellbeing providers

    Cavendish Wellbeing is established from 30 years plus experience of supporting personal wellbeing. They offer Mental Health First Aid training sessions, online platforms, Health and wellbeing focus talks and guided interactive services to organisations in South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire, and Nottinghamshire. All proceeds taken are given back to Cavendish Cancer Care to support people and family members affected by cancer.

    We’re delighted to forge this partnership with Spire Claremont and their esteemed consultants. Since the inception of Cavendish Wellbeing in 2022, we have witnessed a growing desire among local business organizations to prioritize the health and wellbeing of their employees. This is exactly what “Let’s Hear from the Experts” aims to achieve, by delivering knowledgeable talks and answering the questions that matter. We appreciate Spire Claremont donating their time to this partnership, it is a truly exceptional opportunity, one in a million.”

    Spire Claremont Hospital is a private healthcare facility and has been serving the South Yorkshire community since 1953. It is part of Aspen Healthcare and is recognized as one of Sheffield’s leading private hospitals. With a combination of clinical excellence and private services Spire Healthcare embodies a people-centric approach offering warmth, commitment, and empathy to all its patients.

    At Spire Claremont, we hold a profound commitment to our local community in Sheffield. Our collaboration with Cavendish Wellbeing empowers local individuals by providing expert health information in their workplace. Mr. Marcus Cumberbatch and Mr. Alan Gillespie are generously donating their time to these talks, and every fee supports Cavendish Cancer Care. It’s a special partnership—one that truly matters. We are proud that we have the opportunity and capabilities to do this.”

    How to book: