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  • Sleep

    We all know how important sleep is and you are probably here as you’re not getting enough of it!

    Maybe you have difficulty getting to sleep or perhaps you wake up in the night and can’t get back to sleep.

    In the video below, Clare demonstrates a practice to help you improve your sleep. This exercise is also found on our ’21 Days to Better Sleep’ course on our Wellbeing Bundle, click here to find out more.


    Shiatsu for Better Sleep

    In this video, Lisa shares a shiatsu practice that involves a simple hold that can help encourage the body and mind to unwind and relax. It may be particularly helpful if you have difficulty getting to sleep or wake up in the night but can be used at any time. The acupressure points Lisa mentions have been used by the Chinese for thousands of years to bring balance to the body and mind. Lisa shows us a seated and a lying down version.