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Cavendish Cancer Care is a charity dedicated to improving the quality of life for people living with cancer. No one should face cancer alone, so we provide emotional support through counselling and complementary therapies. Our services are provided free of charge and are funded through donations.

Dallas’s story

Without the Cavendish there would've been little or nothing for me for probably a very long time; and I would have struggled to make sense of everything that happened. I can't be the only one whose life falls down around their ears. If the Cavendish Centre wasn't here, there would be some very unhappy, frightened people out there.
Thanks to the FA for bringing me in to do some work with you. Through this I can reinvest here
£35.00 + £8.75 Gift Aid
Donation by Kurt Lindley

Toni’s story

Sitting in my first session I was thinking. "What is talking to somebody going to do? Talking to you isn't going to take this away." Anna my assessor, was calm. She said, "You're right I can't take it away. So let's concentrate on what I can do for you." That's what Cavendish are brilliant at ... we just focused on things I could change, not what I couldn't.
  • provides a reflexology session for a cancer patient
  • supports one person through our bereavement group
  • provides one complete course of therapy for one person

Ladies Lunch 2017

Taking place on Friday 29th September at Baldwins Omega, we are hosting our always popular Ladies Lunch. For £30 per person you will enjoy food, fizz and shopping! We are also pleased to announce that Izzi will be showcasing her fabulous clothing during a fashion show on the day.

  • will help keep a therapy room open & keep our environment friendly & warm
  • provides a carer with the counselling support they need to remain strong
  • funds a course of therapy for a child devastated by cancer in a parent

Run For All Sheffield 10k

On Sunday 24th September the Sheffield 10k descended upon our Sheffield street streets and the Cavendish supporters came out in force! We’d like to send out a massive thank you and congratulations to all our runners, marshals and cheering supporters.

With the Cav team out from the early hours in Tudor square, and the runners gathered (helped along with a selection of cakes from big Dave) everyone was raring to go. We had some fantastic times, and even more fantastic fundraising efforts, and all in all it was a great day. 

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The Devonshire Cat: Chilli Chicken Wing Challenge

Do think you can take the heat ? Handle your chilli as much as the next Mexican, well our friends at The Devonshire Cat have got the night for you. The Chilli Chicken Wing Challenge on Thursday 10th September will challenge your resistance to the scoville scale to the max. There are three knock out rounds of wings with each one hotter than the last. Then and only then is the final round of two wings which they describe as “extreme spice”.

Seven Hills Cakes

Back in July, we were chosen as the charity beer for Abbeydale breweries ‘Sunfest’ festival. Over the weekend we were very grateful to also partner with Seven Hills WI, who produced a whole range of savoury and sweet treats. From pork pies to carrot cake they managed to flog them all and raise an extra £300 pounds for Cavendish! It’s fantastic the support that we get from local business, and makes all the difference. Keep it coming!

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Dallas’s story

If the centre wasn't here, there would be some very unhappy, frightened people out there.
Thanks to UK Sport for bringing me in to do some work with you. Your investment in me, means I am able to invest here
£50.00 + £12.50 Gift Aid
Donation by Kurt Lindley

Dallas’s story

Our family are talkers and usually we can talk about our feelings, but not this. There had been no major illnesses in our family at that point so there was no frame of reference for us to help place things into context. Cavendish helped me make sense of things.