The Generosity Model

Cavendish Cancer Care runs on what we lovingly refer to as The Generosity Model. This means that our core service is completely free of charge to anyone, unreservedly, at any time.

And by anyone, we really mean anyone! We will see individuals who are living with cancer themselves, or their friends, family and children, and sometimes even their colleagues. We don’t just limit to one round of support either, our services can be accessed repeatedly should the need arise – now that’s generosity!

The Generosity Model is not just referring to our service either, it is a culture that extends across the whole organisation. In other words, we are supported by tireless and selfless individuals that allow us to provide our service free of charge. Some give their time through volunteering, some support us financially by donating, and some offer their professional skills. Without them, we really couldn’t do this.

If you want to support Cavendish Cancer Care, there are a number of ways you can do this.

Or if you want to talk to someone from the team about how you could get involved, email!