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  • Let’s Talk About Cancer

    Wondering how to support your workforce? 

    At Cavendish Cancer Care, we have over 30 years experience in supporting people affected by cancer. Our free of charge services have been available in a one-to-one setting based at our Tim Pryor Centre and various outreach services across the city. We are best placed to help support you and your employees when this topic arises. We know 1 in 2 people will be affected by cancer in their lifetime, which could be as much as 50% of your workforce.

    But what happens when someone tells you they have cancer; do you grab the policy booklet and figure out ‘the plan’?

    Or if someone needs time off for scans, treatment or to come and see us for some therapy; do they have an allocated number of days or even hours a month?

    We’re not here to re-write your policy documents, however we do know people who can help with that. We’re here to help you do the human stuff, just like we do, how your language, actions and approach will impact that person and the rest of the company.

    Want to find out what’s involved? Watch our short webinar overview here;

    Watch overview video here

    Next Session:

    But why invest your time in this? Not only will this improve communication within your organisation, it will also help build your culture and team around trust, loyalty and engagement.

    • Increased employee engagement, job satisfaction, trust and loyalty
    • Enhance company image
    • Risk Management
    • Reduced employee turnover
    • Increased efficiency resulting in financial gain
    • Supporting a local charity

    Find out more by emailing Kirsty on k.white@cavcare.org.uk