Why we need to fundraise

Our finances

We really do rely on the generosity of local people and organisations to keep our doors open and to keep our therapies free of charge to all. Without the support of people like you, we would not be able to provide the care that our patients and their families deserve.

We are proud to work in an integrated way with our NHS partners to help support patients and their families following a cancer diagnosis but we are not an NHS organisation. We’re a local, independent charity, largely reliant on fundraising to survive.

We receive a small contribution each year from the NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group in recognition of the role we play in supporting patients diagnosed with cancer in the city – currently 5 per cent of the income we need.

We also provide outreach services at Weston Park Hospital, Northern General Hospital and the Cancer Support Centre funded with the kind support of Sheffield Hospitals Charity and Weston Park Cancer Charity. This means we are there where and when patients need us most. We receive £109,000 for these services but this only covers the additional costs we incur.

This means we need to find at least £350,000 each year through other sources to keep the charity going, providing support for around 1,500 families affected by cancer each year as we do now. But we can always do more if we have more money. For every additional £380 we raise, we can provide a full programme of care and support for one more family.
We provide our counselling and complementary therapies free of charge to patients, their carer and their children.

It costs us around £228 per hour to keep our Centre in Wilkinson Street open and of that, we need to raise £214 per hour ourselves. We really do need your support to keep our doors open and if your generosity stopped, we would only be able to keep going for six months.

Annual reports

You are able to view low resolution versions of our annual reports below: