Cavendish Voices

Lend us your voice and help us keep our doors open to families affected by cancer…

Cavendish logo with faded out centre (25)If you have received our support in the past, no matter how long ago it may have been, your voice can help us to improve our service and to always offer the best possible care to those who need us.  It can also help us demonstrate the value of our support to potential funders and ensure that we can be there for every local person affected by cancer.

Please follow the appropriate link below and spend just a few minutes of your time giving us some anonymous feedback on your Cavendish experience as well as how things have changed since we last saw you.  If you would prefer to be contacted by post or by phone then please let Russ know by emailing or calling 0114 275 4070.

If you came to us as a result of your own diagnosis please click here.

If you were supporting someone else through cancer please click here.

If you came to us because you were experiencing bereavement please click here.